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Esports Denmark is part of Venture Suisse.


Venture Suisse is based in the heart of Switzerland. We provide a risk-adjusted investment vehicle with a diversified theme-based approach. Our structure is highly regulated and compliant with the EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).


We are active managers, and we consider behavioural finance as one of the strongest arguments for the possibility of successful active management. Thanks to Shiller (Nobel laureate 2013) we know, that the market is not efficient and often mispriced.


If anything is predictable, it’s the fact, that human beings are predictably irrational and unpredictable.


We pursue an active management style, using an agile and dynamic investment approach to take advantage of new trends and themes across the marketplace covering both public and private markets. We work closely together with key market players in order to get global outreach, invest with the best and have access to unique deal-flow.


Our experienced team is established as an independent centre of excellence. We combine portfolio expertise with deep understanding of financial markets and emerging technologies.

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