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Esports Denmark is an advisory company based in Switzerland, close to the FIFA headquarters in Zürich.


We plan to open a Danish eSports & eGaming hub in Copenhagen.

We aim to be market leading in strategic eSports investments. Not only in Denmark, but in the Nordic region. 


Our edge is the development of rights and venues related to eSports, eGames and digital entertainment, including virtual worlds related to football, golf, biking and motor racing.

What we do is the following:


  • We understand the space and the underlying trends


  • We navigate the ‘fine line’ between profile creation and entry cost, and create ’cost efficiency’ roadmaps

  • We work closely together with government bodies and key market players in order to get global outreach, invest with the best and have access to unique deal-flow


We have "skin in the game" and invest together with our partners.

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